Life is beautiful
live means to start at any time ... "
Cesare Pavese
Marlena 33 years old...
My purpose has always been giving of himself to others, because I knew that this my life will
take on greater meaning. This allowed me to fulfill dreams, both personal and professional, and
happy life with a long-awaited, beloved son, a wonderful partner, a loving family and great friends. It
is they who have always supported me and added me strength when on my way there were
In January 2011, my joy of life inhibited the information that I was diagnosed with a tumor in the
breast. He was so big that it was my first chemotherapy treatment. In June of 2011. I was subjected
to mastectomy. After surgery I accepted a series of radiation, because there are still cancer cells.
Time for me to stood in the place, mainly because I spent it in hospital. After completing my
treatment done control studies related to the removal of the breast. It turned out that the results of
recovering were with a hope for future. I was probably the luckiest person in the world!
To confirm the diagnosis in November 2011. directed me to the resonance of the head. So fate
would have it, once again stood at a crossroads. In my head detected two tumors - one in the
cerebellum showing metastasis, and the other in the vicinity of the Turkish saddle. The tumor in the
cerebellum is likely to be inoperable, so removing it will be very difficult. In addition, I was denied the
next dose of Herceptin - a drug that had to stem the development of the disease. At the moment I do
not accept any means - in a word, left me to myself. Seeking help, I learned that such complex
cases dealing with doctors in China. Already received an answer from the four proposed treatment.
But the trip to China, stay and treatment are very costly and are currently not feasible.
Therefore, we would ask all people of good will to help in arranging funds for my treatment,
because I want to LIVE, and watch as my son grows up!
"The heart is wealth, which he does not sell nor
buy, but which gives itself."
Donation with a note: „For Marlena Dziedzic
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Medical documentation of my illness is public and available to you when we desire to inspect the application.